Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Want people to like you at work? Try this...

Being liked at work, reports the Wall Street Journal, is a key for achieving success. If people like you, there are many advantages. You're more apt to be hired in the first place, and once hired, you'll get plum assignments. You're more likely to get help from coworkers, and be forgiven more quickly when you make mistakes.

So you want to be more likable? Here's how: 1) Be curious about others. Make eye contact (or if that's too difficult, look at their nose - unless they have a funny nose - then look at their eyebrows - unless they have a unibrow...) Ask questions about their opinions and their favorite activities. Don't dwell on yourself; rather, focus on THEM. 2) Listen. Actually listen to what people are saying and follow up with questions ABOUT THEM. Don't just listen to them and immediately talk about yourself and your wonderful life. Focus on THEM. 3) Smile. What more needs to be said. Just smile more and people will enjoy being around you. 4) Be authentic. Try to be natural. Except don't be natural if being natural for you is being nasty. In that case, fake it and act nice. Being nice is more important. Shoot for an Academy Award in niceness. 5) Find common ground with others. If you share an activity, politics, family activities, then talk about those common topics.

Good luck. And remember… Smile!

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