Friday, March 7, 2014

The Coming American Economic Boom

In a new book titled “Unleashing the Second American Century,” Joel Kurtzman says there are 4 key forces propelling the U.S. economy forward: 1) Depth of creativity, as we can see from our tech sector, 2) Huge energy reserves and the new oil and natural gas that have recently been tapped, 3) Massive amount of money ($5 trillion) in businesses’ bank accounts waiting to be invested, and 4) Manufacturing depth.
Regarding the energy sector, Kurtzman claims we’ll be energy independent by 2020, which would be a great thing. Energy independence would change the geopolitical landscape, as the U.S. would no longer rely significantly on the Middle East for oil. While the Middle East would still remain a large global producer of oil, the U.S. would simply be able to avoid being a pawn in their regional wars and in-fighting.

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